Yamaha files trademark for FZ-X

Yamaha has been busy working on many future adventure bike models. We've talked about plans for a smaller Tenere 300 and the rumored Tracer 125. Now, there could be something in between, based on the popular FZ-25.  

This is made possible by platform sharing, where parts like the engine and chassis are used accross multiple models. This is already being done with cars and has been gaining traction in the manufacturing of motorcycles. For example, KTM’s Duke and RC series share the same platform, from the chassis down to the last bolt. Naturally, things like fairings, suspension, tires are changed depending on the application. The same goes with some of Honda’s motorcycles and scooters.

Yamaha has been doing it with its own models, with the upcoming Sniper 155 using the same powerplant as the XSR 155, MT-15 and the WR 155, which were all derived from the R15. Now in India, Yamaha has been reported to have filed for a patent, securing the “FZ-X” nameplate for use in the future.

While it may not sound much for some, this move from Yamaha hints that they have something up their sleeves and it could be a quarter-liter adventure bike.


The 250cc motorcycle segment is definitely growing, since these bikes are affordable and are the perfect starting point for those planning to move up to higher displacements. They're also light enough for city cruising with enough punch for longer rides outside the metro.

This might be a future 250cc adv bike from Yamaha imageFZ-25

That being said, Yamaha may indeed be working on a 250cc adventure bike based on the current FZ-25. “X” – which means cross, dual, or adventure. The letter usually denotes a motorcycle that is capable of doing long hauls and can also be ridden off-road.

Built for adventure

While Yamaha has yet to confirm an FZ-X, some enthusiastic fans have already begun imagining what it could look like. The main photo above is a render from Yogi Sejwal Design. 

It's speculated that the upcoming bike could go head-to-head with KTM’s 250 Adventure (India), Suzuki’s V-Strom 250, as well as BMW’s G310 GS.

Its 250cc powerplant packs 21 Ps of power and is now Euro5 compliant. Other features expected on the FZ-X will be all-LED lighting, ABS, a windscreen, longer suspension travel coupled with dual-sport tires, a skid plate, and provisions for aftermarket panniers or saddlebags.