Memo covering use of personal mobility devices coming soon

Electric kick scooters and electrically-assisted bicycles may soon need to be registered with their drivers required to secure driver’s licenses. The Department of transportation (DOTr) is now drafting a memorandum circular regarding the regulation of all kinds of personal mobility devices (PMD) like electric kick scooters (e-scooters) and electric bicycles and motorcycles (e-bikes).

The use of PMDs has grown in popularity owing to the reduced capacity of public transportation due to measures designed to prevent the spread of the virus. These PMDs are easy to acquire, affordable to use, and transport their passengers efficientyl.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has already submitted an initial copy of guidelines to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), said LTO Assistant Secretary, Edgar Galvante.

Despite the regulation, Galvante argues that the memo is intended to encourage the use of these vehicles because of they reduce the strain on public transportation and the environment. The move is intended ensure the safety of both the riders and other ride users.

Galvante said the draft guidelines the LTO submitted splits e-scooters and e-bikes into small and large classes, with large classes allowed to cross main roads but not allowed along highways or avenues. Small classes can only be used within private compounds.

However, these are guidelines only with the decision solely up to the DOTr whether to allow these PMDs to travel along public roads, provided protective attire is worn.

Galvante said the memorandum will be published by the agency once it is approved by the DOTr for immediate implementation.