Hells Angels helped an 83-year-old terminally ill grandma fulfill a wish

An 83-year-old, terminally-ill grandmother from the UK just ticked a box off of her bucket list by riding onboard a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Anne Turner, just asked if she could sit on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as part of her wish before she departs. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the front door. I expected one, or two, at least three bikes here,” said Turner in a BBC UK interview.

To her and her daughter’s surprise, more than 50 Hells Angels, riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles, showed up on her front door.

“You felt a rumble, you heard it, and you’re like, that’s it, they’re coming. And then you felt the rumble in your stomach and the vibrations in your feet. It was indescribable to see,” says Anne’s daughter, Rachael.

The riders did more than just let Anne sit on one of their bikes. They had her wear a helmet, complete with jacket, and took her for a spin on a Fat Bob. The group also knighted her with a Hells Angels shirt, inducting the 83-year-old into the motorcycle club. “They said her blood is their blood and she’s one of them,” added Rachael.

“I’m one of them now,” Anne exclaimed.