Ducati Cross-E and Pro II electric scooters coming in June and July 2020

Ducati is expanding its lineup with two new models, both of which are far more accessible than their regular range. These two are the Cross-E and the Pro II, new folding electric kick scooters from Ducati designed in collaboration with Italdesign. Italdesign is the same company that made supercars like the BMW M1, Maserati MC12, and Nissan GT-R50.

The electric kick scooters will be distributed by MT Distribution. These first two are just the start of Ducati’s upcoming electric mobility vehicle range which include two more scooters and three folding bikes.

Ducati launches folding electric scooters image


The Ducati Scrambler Cross-E scooter rolls on fat anti-puncture tubeless tires (110mm on 6.5-inch wheels), making it perfect for stretches of dirt or very uneven roads. The brushless motor provides continuous power output of 500W. This results in quick acceleration from a standstill and continuous power on uphills sections without slowing down. It’s paired with a 375 Wh battery for a range of 30-35 km, at an average speed of 15 km/h.

The Cross-E was designed to look and feel sturdy while still being comfortable. It features double front headlights and a tail light under the seat post for use at night. Both are automatically illuminated thanks to twilight sensors. A large 3.5-inch LCD display shows functions, which included 3 riding modes.

Ducati launches folding electric scooters image

Pro II

The Pro II is powered by a 350W continuous brushless motor and a 280 Wh battery. This equates to 25-30 km of rance. It features rear suspension and rides on 10-inch puncture-proof tubeless tires. It features a double brake system (electric front and rear disc). Like the Cross-E, it also comes with a large 3.5-inch LCD display to monitor and manage all the settings, as well as rear tail lights.

The Cross-E will be launched on June 20, while the Pro II will be launched on July 6, 2020. Some of these models may be made available at Ducati dealers. More information on the products will be available then.