BMW and TVS reached motorcycle production milestone

In 2013, TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad signed a cooperation agreement to develop and produce sub-500cc motorcycles for the global market. This strategic partnership has introduced three products using the 310cc platform; the BMW G 310 R, BMW G 310 GS and TVS Motor Company’s very own Apache RR 310. This cooperation agreement also means that BMW Motorrad bikes can now be accessed by a wider customer base.

All three products are manufactured at the TVS Motor Company’s Hosur facility in India.

TVS rolls out 100,000th BMW 310cc motorcycle image

Photo courtesy of TVS Motor Company


Just recently, both TVS and BMW celebrated a manufacturing milestone when the 100,000th G 310 rolled out from the factory. That particular bike was a G 310 GS.

“We are delighted to achieve a historic milestone in our journey with BMW Motorrad today. This achievement is a strong testimony to the success of our eight-year partnership, which has created a common learning platform for both companies. Our partnership has been truly exceptional for creating aspirational products made for the global market. We are proud to be a part of this journey and look forward to continuing the partnership with BMW Motorrad,” said TVS director and CEO, KN Radhakrishnan.

BMW’s G 310 series of motorcycles first went on sale in 2016 with the G 310 R. In 2018, BMW introduced the G 310 GS – considered to be the flagship R 1250 GS’s little brother.

Both the G 310 R and the G 310 GS are powered by the same backward-tilted liquid-cooled 313cc single cylinder double overhead cam (DOHC) engine. As opposed to a conventional engine, this thumper’s exhaust manifold is in the rear, while the intake is in front. BMW claims that, due to the engine’s design, the bike’s weight is almost at a balanced 50/50 weight distribution.

“Our strong synergies with TVS Motor Company have led to the development of impressive offerings in the Sub-500cc segment. Since their launch, both BMW G 310 R and BMW G 310 GS single-cylinder models continue to enjoy unrivaled popularity. With the rollout of the 100,000th unit of BMW Motorrad’s 310cc series, these two agile all-rounders are an integral part of BMW Motorrad’s success story. We look forward to the future of our cooperation with TVS Motor Company,” said Markus Schramm, head of BMW Motorrad.

TVS Motor Company’s Hosur manufacturing plant produces around 10 percent of BMW Motorrad’s volumes globally. The BMW G 310 R and BMW 310 GS are exported and made available in 120 countries.