Congressman Rufus Rodriguez wants the LTO to stop the CDE requirement

Since October of last year, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has been requiring drivers who are renewing their licenses to go through the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE). The CDE is basically a refresher course for driver’s license holders designed to re-emphasize safe driving, as well as do a round-up on current traffic laws.

One congressman, however, wants the LTO to stop this requirement, saying that it is an additional monetary burden to drivers of habal-habal, trisikad (motorized bicycle with sidecar), and the like. These other modes of transportation are common in the provinces.

“This is an additional expense for our Filipino people. So millions are driving and many of them like in Cagayan de Oro, they are sikad, trisikad drivers, habal habal drivers, now requiring them to renew their licenses, to be able to get first a certificate of CDE,” said House Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez. Rodriguez also cited the current pandemic as another reason for the LTO to stop the CDE, “because it poses a risk to the health of thousands who will renew their licenses”.

Required by law

One of the provisions of Republic Act 10930 calls for the mandatory seminar for those who are renewing their driver’s licenses. The Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) will act as a kind of refresher course for drivers and motorcycle riders who are renewing their privilege to drive a motor vehicle.

A CDE Certificate will be issued to the driver/motorcycle rider once he or she finishes the course.

“We feel that by imposing this or requiring this, this will reduce these incidents that usually result into injuries and even death to those involved in the accident,” says LTO Chief Edgar Galvante.

CDE is free

In this age of the internet and social media, access to information has never been so easy, and like the latest celebrity news, the CDE can also be accessed through the internet, even on your mobile phone, for FREE.

Just log in and create an account through the Land Transportation Management System or LTMS to take the CDE for free anytime, 24/7. The CDE materials are also free and can be obtained at any LTO district and regional offices.

Also, drivers can take CDE course in advance at their convenience - 60 days in advance, even - before the actual renewal of their driver’s licenses through the LTMS portal. Again, FREE of charge.

“As part of the LTO’s digital transformation, the LTMS portal will give online service 24/7, allows transactions anytime and anywhere, is customer-centered, seamless with virtually no human intervention allowed, and paperless. It is a powerful tool for our clients to use as they need it and wherever it is convenient,” said Galvante in an earlier statement.