Transact with LTO directly

In a bid to better serve the motoring public and rid itself of fixers offering various services, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has put up the Land Transportation Management System or LTMS portal.

After a year of initial pilot-testing and over 1-million registrants, the LTO is asking the motoring public to avail of the portal’s services to help the agency speed up the process in their offices.

According to LTO assistant secretary, Edgar Galvante, the LTMS is a cornerstone of the LTO’s five-year IT modernization program to make the agency more efficient and give its clients all the convenience of online services, especially in the digital age.

“As part of the LTO’s digital transformation, the LTMS portal will give online service 24/7, allows transactions anytime and anywhere, is customer-centered, seamless with virtually no human intervention allowed, and paperless. It is a powerful tool for our clients to use as they need it and wherever it is convenient,” said Galvante.

At the moment, the motoring public can schedule an appointment through the LTMS portal. Also, those with outstanding traffic violations can also settle their fines through the portal, making it unnecessary for them to fall in line at the LTO branch or satellite office.

LTO encourages you to register on their LTMS portal image

Besides these 2 services, motorists can also take advantage of the LTMS’ e-Learning portal, which gives duly-licensed motorists access to licensing information, driving fundamentals, road courtesy and safety, motor vehicle registration, land transportation-related laws and much more, including an introduction to the theoretical exams for non-professional drivers, professional drivers and conductors.

To register, just visit this site: