Comprehensive Driver’s Education for all DL renewals

In accordance with RA 10930, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will issue driver’s licenses that are valid for 10 years beginning October 28, 2021. This means drivers and motorcycle riders who are faithfully following traffic rules and have an impeccable record could be rewarded with a DL wthat's valid for a decade.

Others who have demerits on their record will have to contend with the usual 5-year valid DL. The same goes for new DL applicants coming from student permits.

Additionally, one of the provisions of RA 10930 also calls for the mandatory seminar for those who are renewing their driver’s licenses. The Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) will act as a kind of refresher course for drivers and motorcycle riders who are renewing their privilege to drive a motor vehicle.

A CDE Certificate will be issued to the driver/motorcycle rider once he or she finishes the course.

CDE is FREE through LTMS

LTO ‘seminar’ now mandatory for all driver’s license renewals image

According to LTO, the CDE materials can be obtained through any of the LTO offices and their accredited driving schools. The CDE is FREE if taken through any of LTO’s Driver's Education Centers or through LTO's LTMS Portal. Simply create an account and find it in the LTMS Portal under Online Refresher Course and your class of driver's license (professional or non-professional).