Stickers issued to riders that pass screening per city

Starting today, the Philippine National Police will implement its “Oplan Clean Rider” program in Metro Manila with the aim to end the menace of motorcycle-riding criminals. The new campaign was launched through a PNP Memorandum signed by Chief Police Director Oscar Albayalde on July 6 2018.

On the memo it stated “The recent crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding suspects (MRS) targeting high-profile victims such as priests and elected government officials had challenged the policies of the PNP. It is for this reason that the PNP has crafted ‘Campaign Plan: Clean Rider’ for a vigorous, focused, and effective campaign to totally eliminate crimes committed by MRS.”

In order for a rider to be deemed “clean” by the police, he or she must present him or herself to the nearest PNP station to register and submit the required documents: OR/CR or proof of motorcycle ownership, valid driver's license and a government issued ID. The stickers are FREE of charge and should be “attached conspicuously in the front portion of the motorcycle” according to the PNP.

“Clean rider [is] a rider whose registration documents were processed and were issued with motorcycle stickers by the PNP,” according to the PNP Memorandum. The stickers will be color-coded according to the city or municipality it was issued and will be accompanied by a smaller sticker to be placed on the driver’s license with a corresponding serial number. However, the PNP will only be issuing water-proof type stickers instead of a much more sophisticated holographic stickers, renouncing their earlier statement.

Meanwhile, Motorcycle Rights Organization or MRO expressed concern over this program. “It makes the license and registration of the vehicle redundant. Furthermore, it saves the criminal from checkpoints if he is able to avail or get a sticker prior to him committing a crime since the sticker gives him passage or, he can steal a motorcycle with a sticker already attached to it.” said MRO Chairman, Jobert Bolanos. “[The] Police are supposed to check the license and registration of vehicles to see if something is amiss. The sticker places a shortcut on the process therefore making it prone to missed opportunities,” Bolanos added.

Last February, lawyer Arjel Joseph Cabatbat survived an ambush by motorcycle-riding criminals and rammed them over with his SUV. As it turns out, one of the assailants was an active police officer whom was assigned to the Regional Public Safety Battalion of the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) which was later confirmed by then QCPD Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar

Jobert Bolanos ended his statement by saying “It [breeds] profiling and discrimination. The fact that we (motorcycle riders) have to undergo such a time-consuming process to prove that we are innocent or “clean riders” is already profiling us as such…”

The PNP Chief made it clear that the Oplan Clean Rider program is voluntary only and not mandatory for motorcycle riders.