Motorcycles to be inspected to earn sticker

The Philippine National Police (PNP) hopes to combat motorcycle related crime with a sticker system. Planned to be launched within this month, the sticker is meant to indicate that a motorcycle has passed inspection.

PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde said that the sticker system will be one of the strategies to combat the prevalence of motorcycle-riding suspects (MRS) who engage in activities like shootings, holdups, and theft. The suspects use motorcycles because of their ease of access and high-speed mobility.

”It’s just one way to probably prevent yung MRS,” said Dir. Gen. Albayalde.

Motorcycles will have to be inspected in order to earn a sticker. The sticker is intended to be placed in a highly visible part of the motorcycle in order to be easily spotted whether in person or on security cameras. The PNP is looking into having distinctly designed stickers per province. The stickers are meant to allow cops to easily spot riders of interest: whether they have a sticker or not, or if the sticker is from a different area from where the motorcycle was spotted. This allows law enforcement to narrow down suspects to a particular province.

The PNP has also integrated security measures into the sticker, with strong adhesives and security features like holograms, to prevent copying or tampering.

The PNP Highway Patrol Group wants to make the stickers mandatory for all motorcycle riders, noting that local government units should require them.

Dir. Gen. Albayalde clarified that having a sticker is not a free pass.

“It doesn't mean kasi na porket may sticker na (that just because you have a sticker) you're free already from checkpoints or from being checked,“ he said.

The PNP is still working on the guidelines and implementing rules of the sticker system. It will be initially launched in Luzon, with implementation in other parts of the country to follow if proven successful.

Data from the PNP Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System showed that only 291 cases involving motorcycle-riding suspects have been solved with 1,008 suspects still at large.