Laws and checkpoints imposed to the 'detriment' of riders

Senator Grace Poe has recently filed a resolution in the Senate to look into legislation and ordinances that lead to the discrimination of motorcycle riders.

The resolution has cited the prevalence of, “stricter checkpoints specifically targeting motorcycle riders and the latter are now perceived by the community as reckless riders and/or prone to criminal activities.”

It cites the following activities as discriminatory to riders: "a. irregular PNP checkpoints; b. national laws that penalize motorcycle riders excessively; c. high fines being imposed against motorcycle riders; and d. local ordinances that have overlooked the income of minimum [w]age-earning motorists."

The resolution is hoped to review current legislation, ordinances, and law enforcement practices that specifically target motorcycle riders.

Just recently, Riders of the Philippines united several groups to ride in protest  of such discriminatory practices. The unity ride drew several thousand attendees.

The resolution ends with the statement, “that while it intends to substantially bring down the number of accidents and crimes involving motorcycles, the State shall not do so to the detriment of the rights of motorcycle riders who seem to be treated with automatic disdain and "Harassment" at times.”

The resolution was filed on May 28, 2018.