RE is expected to launch a couple of new models this 2022

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Royal Enfield (RE) has recorded another outstanding year in terms of sales, having sold 73,739 motorcycles for both domestic and export markets – and that’s only for December 2021. While on the domestic front, RE sales have dropped less than half a percent for the whole of 2021, the international exports have been excellent, reaching a whopping 135.23% versus last year’s total exports.

This year, it is no surprise that the Indians will capitalize on these sales figures and are expected to release a couple of new motorcycles to the world.

Bobber, scrambler, and a 650cc cruiser

According to local Indian news sources, the Chennai-based manufacturer will be fielding a couple of new models for both the domestic and international markets. These include a bobber, a scrambler, and a bigger and larger Meteor cruiser.

Scram 411

Upcoming Royal Enfields for 2022: a bobber, scrambler and a 650cc cruiser image

For starters, the Himalayan will now get a couple of new aesthetic adjustments to become a scrambler motorcycle. First spied in August of 2021, the Scram 411 will feature slightly modified body panels, a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear dual sport wheels with alloy wheels as an option, and a Bluetooth-enabled digital/analog panel that is possibly shared with the Meteor 350.

Hunter 350

According to reports, the upcoming Hunter 350 will be based on the Meteor 350, but the overall riding ergonomics are slightly updated to be similar to a true Universal Japanese Motorcycle – or more commonly called here in the PH as “standard motorcycle”.

Upcoming Royal Enfields for 2022: a bobber, scrambler and a 650cc cruiser image

The engine, transmission, suspension, and even the brakes are expected to be the same as the ones found on the Meteor 350.


Based on the Meteor 350, the upcoming Bobber 350 will still share many of its components with the Meteor but will feature a single (and lower) seat layout, fat white-walled tires, and a raised handlebar.

Cruiser 650

During last year’s EICMA, RE showed their radical concept based on the Interceptor 650. Named the SG650 Concept, it celebrates both the past and present of the RE brand and has allowed its team to creatively combine them into future models.

Upcoming Royal Enfields for 2022: a bobber, scrambler and a 650cc cruiser image

The upcoming cruiser will share many of the Interceptor’s components such as the engine, chassis, electronics, and even the wire wheels.

With just a few tweaks to make it practical for production line manufacturing, the upcoming Cruiser 650’s looks may not be very far from what we have seen in last year’s EICMA.

650cc Himalayan

What about the Interceptor 650-based Himalayan? Unfortunately, it seems that this model is still a figment of someone's imagination when he rendered this on his computer. Back in November of last year, Royal Enfield Quezon City opened its doors to customers. During the Q&A portion with RE's executives (via Zoom), we asked if a 650cc version of the Himalayan is being developed and their answer was a straight no.

Upcoming Royal Enfields for 2022: a bobber, scrambler and a 650cc cruiser image

But who knows? If Royal Enfield fans can generate enough noise, especially on social media, maybe Chennai would listen.