Top box, bike carriers, etc. should be ticketed, says vague MPD memo

Earlier, a copy of a memorandum from the Manila Police District has made rounds on various motorcycle groups, as well as cars and SUV groups in social media. According to the memo, with the subject “Intensified Operation Against Permanent and Detachable Extra Load Carrier on Motor Vehicles”, all vehicles with such devices should be flagged and issued with the corresponding Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR), if within the jurisdiction of the City of Manila.

Manila to ticket vehicles with detachable carriers, the PNP chief says no image

Unfortunately, since the memo did not mention what specifics would determine a permanent or detachable extra load carrier on a motor vehicle, the memo is wide open for interpretation and subjective apprehension from the law enforcement units of Manila.

For motorcycle riders, they are concerned that since a motorcycle is considered a motor vehicle (MV) – a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine – any permanent or detachable extra load carrier such as a top box or saddlebags on it can be considered a violation as far as the memo is concerned.

For cars and SUVs, extra load carriers such as roof racks or bike racks will be subject to apprehension as well, as far as the same memo is concerned.

PNP chief intervenes

Since the memo is quite vague and is open to “creative interpretation” especially by enterprising individuals, PNP top brass PGen. Dionard Carlos, who is also an avid motorcycle rider, has intervened on the matter and recalled the memo. The general has also instructed PNP-HPG  director PBGen. Rommel Marbil to contact the originator of the memo.

Manila to ticket vehicles with detachable carriers, the PNP chief says no image

As for the Land Transportation Office, we have sent them a copy of the said memo and have asked for their stand on the issue but have not replied as of press time.