Royal Enfield 'Scram' takes shape

Barely 3 months ago, reports have been circulating that Royal Enfield (RE) trademarked the “Scram” namesake, hinting that the Indian brand is building a new scrambler model. At first, many speculated that this upcoming scrambler could be based on RE’s highly successful 650 Interceptor. Now, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Himalayan, but a bit different

As it turns out, the boys from Chennai are actually using the tried and tested 411cc Himalayan platform. Naturally, there will be a few changes made to make it a Scram 411.

To distinguish the Scram 411 from the “Hima”, RE changed the wheel size from 21-inches down to just 19-inches for the front. The 17-inch rear wheel, on the other hand, was kept.

Alloy wheels are available as optional equipment for the upcoming Scram 411.

Also, the upcoming model will boast of a new instrument panel, possibly the same one used on the Meteor 350 that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth to allow for GPS navigation.

The body panels have been slightly modified, based on the leaked image above, to give the Scram 411 an edgier look. The seat was also modified into one single continuous seat versus the Hima’s split seat arrangement.

Since this is supposed to be a scrambler, RE removed the rear luggage rack and replaced it with just a tiny grabrail for the pillion.

PH availability

Currently, there is no word from our friends at Royal Enfield Pilipinas about the Scram’s PH debut and pricing. Rest assured, we’ll update you on any developments.