Return of the PMVIC

About a month ago, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) released Memorandum Circular MC-SC-2021-02, which, as senator Ralph Recto described, “seems border on the mandatory” of requiring motorists to undergo vehicle inspection only at authorized Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs).

To answer some vehicle owners' concerns, especially on the subject of whether or not vehicle inspection by LTO personnel inside the agency’s compounds are still allowed, the LTO has recently published a new memo that prohibits such practice if there’s a PMVIC within the Geographic Area Of Responsibility (GAOR) of that office.

“The conduct of inspection of motor vehicles prior to registration by PMVICs shall be mandatory in their respective GAOR,” said the new memo.

New memo makes PMVIC inspection ‘mandatory’ image

“Accordingly, ocular roadworthiness inspection of light vehicles and motorcycles being conducted by LTO personnel assigned to offices within the identified GAOR of PMVICs shall be discontinued.”

We are still awaiting the official list of LTO offices with PMVICs in their area of responsibility.

Heavy vehicles like cargo trucks are still exempted from the new requirement and their roadworthiness inspection is still left to authorized LTO personnel.

How much is motorcycle inspection at a PMVIC?

Back in February, a public meeting (virtual) was held to establish the cost of undergoing vehicle inspection at authorized PMVICs. This was after a public uproar brought about by the excessive inspection and re-inspection fees charged by PMVICs.

To summarize, motorcycles will be charged PhP 500.00 while light vehicles will be charged a PhP 600.00 inspection fee by authorized PMVICs. Should the vehicle fail inspection, it was agreed that re-inspection fees will be waived.

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