Required for residents and non-residents

Councilor Paulo Oreta of Malabon City has proposed an ordinance to require all motorcycle riders, both residents and non-residents of the city, to register their motorcycles with PNP's Clean Rider sticker program as part of its “Clean Riders Code of 2019”.

The proposed ordinance will be similar to the PNP's Oplan Clean Rider and Marikina's proposed Clean Rider sticker program. If approved by the city council, the Clean Riders Code of 2019 would require all motorcyclists passing within the jurisdiction of Malabon to have a PNP Clean Rider sticker attached conspicuously on their motorcycles. If found without the said sticker, corresponding fines will be imposed upon the rider. Third-time violators will be recommended for license revocation.

Oreta, who is the principal author of the proposed ordinance, said that he penned the Clean Riders Code of 2019 with the primary purpose of “ensuring the safety and security of the public against crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding suspects” and to “easily identify the registered owners of motorcycles.”

To avail of the sticker, resident and non-Malabon City resident motorcycle riders are required to register their motorcycles at any police station to obtain a PNP Clean Rider sticker.

The Clean Rider’s Code measure is yet to be referred to the city’s committee on Human Rights and Peace and Order before it gets to its first reading.

Strong opposition

Like what happened in Marikina, the Motorcycle Rights Organization or MRO said that they strongly oppose this ordinance, saying that “this ordinance will only add to the liabilities of riders” and that “it could be an opportunity for abuse” of some enterprising law enforcement officers. The group also said that motorcycle riders already have their licenses and registration documents, which should be enough to prove the legitimacy of their ownership of the motorbike.

The group also finds it discriminating as it only targets motorcycle riders in particular. The group cited that, in order to get the Clean Rider sticker, one must submit several documents like barangay clearance, police clearance, etc.; all of which will cost the motorcycle rider time and money to acquire even if they are just passing through.