This covers all riders passing by Marikina

The City of Marikina may soon adopt the Philippine National Police' “Clean Rider Program” if the proposed “Clean Rider Ordinance of Marikina” is approved by the city council. Under the proposed city ordinance, all motorcycle riders who reside in Marikina City, including those who only pass within the city limits are required to register their motorcycles at the Marikina City police station and avail of 2 identical Clean Rider Stickers (CRS). There will be a registration fee of PhP50.00 and total funds generated from the program will be shared equally by the city government and PNP Marikina.

Marikina City soon to require

The proposed city ordinance also stipulates that the CRS stickers shall be placed conspicuously in the front portion of the motorcycle (1), similar to the plate decal of the “Doble Plaka Law”, while the other one (2) shall be placed "underneath the seat of the motorcycle."

Non-compliance means that the offending motorcycle rider will have to undergo mandatory registration of his or her ride at the Marikina Police station immediately on the first offense. On the second offense, it will constitute a PhP500 penalty or participate in community service for one day (8 hours). For the third offense, there's a PhP1,000 fine and impounding of the motorcycle at the PNP Marikina Station.

Marikina City soon to require

Motorcycle groups are not too happy about the proposed city ordinance, saying that it is discriminating, unlawfully branding all motorcycle riders as criminals and unfair. The sticker is only required for the motorcycle riding population. Motorcycle groups will stage a peaceful demonstration tomorrow at the Marikina Legislative Building session hall to show their opposition to the Clean Rider Ordinance of Marikina.