Leaked photos reveal a new 4-cylinder Multistrada being tested

It seems that Ducati has its eyes set on improving their adventure bike. As these ‘spy’ photos suggest, they're on the last stages of development on their newest Multistrada – and it runs on four cylinders.

Ducati now testing the V4 Multistrada image

While these photos are obviously manufactured for publicity by Ducati’s marketing team, they give us a glimpse of what the 2021 Multistrada could look like.

While it seems like a foregone conclusion that this new Multistrada (MTS) will be powered by the same engine as the Panigale V4 S, reports say that the 2021 Multistrada’s powerplant might be an entirely new engine, specifically designed for off-roading.

Unfortunately, the other details of the new 2021 Multistrada are still shrouded in secrecy, save for the more obvious specs like 19-inch and 17-inch tubeless wire wheels, double-sided swing arm and that familiar Multistrada facia.

Ducati now testing the V4 Multistrada image

But, this is a Ducati after all. Expect that this 2021 Multistrada will get all the top-shelf performance parts and electronics. Also, it was reported that this will be lighter than the outgoing Multistrada 1260, so a slimmer tank and lighter carbon fiber components might also come into play.

The estimated release date, according to reports, will be as early as January 2021 in the US.