Pornhub offering free rides on Italian retnal e-bikes

The world’s largest adult video streaming site, Pornhub, teams up with Italian e-bike sharing company MiMoto, to offer free rides across select Italian cities.

MiMoto, is an e-scooter sharing platform and it works similarly to the MMDA's now defunct bike-sharing program. To use their services, one has to book a ride through their app. Then, once the booking is confirmed, a MiMoto e-scooter can be picked up at any location closest to the customer. Currently, MiMoto operates in Milan, Turin, and Genoa, Italy. From there, the customer can ride the MiMoto e-scooter within the city. 

To get a free ride courtesy of Pornhub, one simply has to enter a code from the adult website and the MiMoto ride is free for the next 15 minutes.

“Pornhub thought that offering a free ride on our scooters could be a good way to bring people together in a different way,” says MiMoto.

They added that this collaboration with Pornhub represents the future of mobility, and that “the partnership between a green sharing service and the most important company in the adult entertainment sector is a perfect example of how society can come together to change paradigms and evolve in a responsible way, also by uniting two companies with such different contents.”

Pornhub, please, can you please partner with Lalamove or GrabFood so that we could have our free bookings too?