Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. recently held a grand tour of Cebu with 120 riders. From June 5 – 6, the riders travelled from Cebu City all the way to Oslob to get familiar with the company's latest offerings.

It was an opportunity to feel the true abilities of Yamaha’s motorcycles on a long trip that would serve multiple road conditions, adjustments to different environments, and the physical harmony between the rider and the motorcycle. Such scenarios would be plentiful in a 4-hour journey that starts from Cebu City to Tanawan, Oslob and back. The tour began on a crisp Saturday Morning where riders from different clubs gathered in Kartzone Cebu.

Yamaha Riders in Cebu

For the trip, Yamaha featured 4 motorcycles to give the participants the feeling of unique innovation, technological breakthrough, and real-time performance. The N-MAX, a sporty urban commuter that is the first to be equipped with a 155cc liquid cooled Blue Core Engine, First AT Model with Variable Valve Actuation Technology that produces strong torque at low speeds and power at high speeds. In addition, it is also the first AT model with an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).

One of the best parts of riding this unit according to riders was the comfort during the long ride especially with its foot rest. The Yamaha Tricity, a revolutionary machine that boasts of the Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) Technology, a breakthrough that allows two front wheels to independently adjust to different road conditions because of independent suspensions. This gave the riders the unique feeling that allowed them to move like no other; astonishing them with is capability across different roads.

The Sniper 150 Mxi, one of the fastest motorcycles in its displacement is complemented by a liquid cooled Engine that is equipped with Fuel Injection (FI) allowing great speed with low fuel consumption. It’s handling at great speeds was truly enjoyed by the riders especially those who had the opportunity maximize its acceleration. The FZi is the first Yamaha street model with Fuel Injection, and a fusion of Optimized Efficiency, Lightness, and Powerful Design. Standing out was its lightness that made handling such an ease throughout the journey.

Sales and Marketing Director of Yamaha PH, Kaoru Ogura

At 6:00AM, it was the moment when each rider started their engines and headed out for a highly anticipated trip. With only a couple of stops along the way, riders got the chance to truly enjoy the motorcycles for a longer period of time. They arrived in Brumini Resort with a few hours to spare before their next destination.

Sales and Marketing Director, Kaoru Ogura, expressed his gratitude to all the riders not just for their support but also bringing their enthusiasm along for the ride. He raised his glass and emphatically said “Yamaha, Revs your Heart!”.

Prizes at the Grand Tour of Cebu by Yamaha

Through long roads, busy streets, multiple intersections, sand and sun, it was the perfect getaway. After the motorcade returned to Kartzone Cebu, there were plenty of reasons to celebrate. The ride was complete, everyone enjoyed, and all had a safe ride.