HUB Kelatronics provides deceleration light for your helmet

When your motorcycle's brake light doesn't shine when you merely let off the throttle, you could use another one - a decelerating light, if you will. There are some motorcycle lights already available that sense a bike's slowing down, but this one can be mounted on your helmet for even better visibility. You can use it with your ATV and snow mobile helmets too.

Safety innovations are invaluable research territory for manufacturers and drivers and riders. It's a jungle out there. The fear of getting rear-ended is ever prevalent, especially when being followed by tailgaters who have no concept of safe distance or the 3-second rule. Add that frustration with a growing population of uneducated and unskilled motorists who're easily distracted by views, mobile phones, and electronic. Sometimes, accidents happen to the best too.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the USA required all new cars made from 1986 onwards to be equipped with a third brake light. The decision was based on tests that showed a separate brake lamp, mounted higher to the line of vision, resulted in a 54% decrease in rear impacts. “That however is where the similarity between the third brake light on your car/truck ends. The Heads-Up Braking (HUB) System is the most advanced wireless braking system ever devised to date and nothing comes close to it,” the latter's inventor John Henry declared.

The HUB System was patented and developed over a span of twelve years and could just save your life and that of a fellow rider behind you. It utilizes what the company calls its Kelatronic System. On your ultra bright helmet light is an LED which brightens or dims depending on how bright its surroundings are. The brighter the day, the stronger it will shine.

Here are some of the HUB System's functions that the website enumerates. The Self-Check System indicates that the device is operational whenever you switch it on. The Instant-On Emergency Flasher works when you turn off your vehicle, flashing the LEDs until the vehicle is turned back on; this is handy when you have to stop on the road. The Proximity Automatic Hazard Lighting System flashes when you leave your vehicle at a range of 15 feet, allowing the light to be removed from your helmet and placed on the ground—acting like an emergency flare. Sleep Mode saves battery when the receiver doesn't read the transmitter's signal for 10 minutes, automatically reawakening whenever you decelerate. In instances of low battery life, the device will issue a warning well in advance. The HUB System is also waterproof.

More features are available when the receiver is hardwired via easy four-wire installation. Trailer Mode allows your own vehicle's lights to act as an additional brake light for your trailer. Dual Mode Function integrates the brake lamp of your vehicle allowing the Kelatronic System to activate its light at deceleration.