Honda reveals design sketches for upcoming Hornet reboot

For almost a decade now, the Honda Hornet has not seen the showroom floor. And, for the past decade, fans are continually knocking on Honda’s door asking when will be the next-gen Hornets will take shape. Honda says soon.

Following the news at EICMA in 2021 that the illustrious Hornet name will be returning to its line-up, Honda recently released sketches that give further details of the design concept, showcasing the combination of technical beauty and aggression that run through the Hornet’s DNA.

Upcoming Honda Hornet might look something like this image

The creation of the concept sketches was led by Honda’s R&D Center in Rome, Italy, which in close collaboration with R&D in Japan, is already responsible for crafting the look of many of Honda’s recent successful models, including the CRF1100L Africa Twin, CB650R and X-ADV 750.

“Honda’s design philosophy is to create something pure and functional in an uncomplicated way – models which are both beautifully simple and emotionally appealing,” says 28-year-old Giovanni Dovis, the designer for the new Hornet concept. He is also responsible for designing Honda’s ADV350.

Dovis added that the upcoming hornet will boast sharper lines and will be lighter than its predecessors, thanks to its slimmer body design.

Upcoming Honda Hornet might look something like this image

Giovanni Dovis

“The sketches show how the Hornet design concept promises agility, dynamism, and lightweight thanks to its slim proportions, pointy tail section, and super-sharp lines. It creates a new compactly proportioned look, and has hallmarks of tension and aggression from front to back, outlining the Hornet’s true sporting purpose.”

The exact availability and pricing of the new Hornet is yet to be announced by Honda, but getting a glimpse of the new design makes us really excited.