LTO confirms doble plaka a go, will use stickers instead of metal plate

President Rodrigo Duterte’s signing of Republic Act 11235 on March 8, 2019, is perhaps the most controversial law that the motorcycle community had ever faced. Commonly known to the motorcycle community simply as “doble plaka law”, the law prescribes a front plate on the motorcycle and puts heavy penalties against a motorcycle rider or owner, which may include jail time.

LTO: doble plaka will proceed image

LTO Chief, Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante

While the constitutionality of some of its provisions is currently being questioned in courts until a verdict is made, doble plaka law is still a go, says the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

In a recent meeting with the media, LTO chief, Assistant Secretary, Edgar Galvante, confirmed that the RA 11235 or doble plaka will proceed, with the use of sticker-type material in lieu of metal plates similar to the ones used at the rear of a motorcycle.

ASec. Galvante also confirmed that the LTO is currently in the process of bidding for a sticker supplier. Additionally, the head honcho of the LTO admitted that the agency is still 11-million plates behind and is seeking additional government funding to catch up on motorcycle plate stamping.

LTO: doble plaka will proceed image

How big or wide the front plate could be? Unfortunately, the LTO chief didn’t elaborate on the details. But as far as RA 11235’s Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) is concerned, it specifies that the front plate “shall be 125mm in width and 95mm in height, and made of suitable and durable sticker material with reflectorized alphanumeric characters and security features. The font size for all alphanumeric characters is 40mm tall,” – or about the same size as a Samsung Z Fold 2 smartphone, unfolded.

With the doble plaka a go, expect motorcycles to come with the new sticker-type material placed at the front. The question now is, will it fit on all types of motorcycles?