Ducati says the Multistrada V4 will be at least a 1,158cc

Just last month, we showed spy shots of the upcoming Multistrada V4 from Ducati themselves. This new model replaces the current Multistrada 1260 L-twin.

While it was revealed that the new Italian adventure bike would be powered by a V4 engine somewhat similar to the Panigale V4, a lot of the details were still left out.

Upcoming Ducati Multistrada will be atleast 1,158cc x 4 cylinders imagePanigale V4 engine

Rather than use the same block as the Panigale V4, Ducati is also making a completely new V4 block just for the Multistrada. This is proven by this recent development.

Just recently, Ducati registered Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for the upcoming model with the United State’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). With a VIN decoder, keen-eyed online experts were able to decode the actual engine displacement.

According to the VIN decoder, the 7th character of the motorcycle’s VIN tells us the engine displacement of a motorcycle model.

Based on Ducati's other models, an “A” means a 399cc and up air-cooled V-twin engine. The Panigale V4 uses letter “N”, meaning 1,103cc or more V4 engine. The newest addition to the code is the letter “V” which is for a V4 engine with a displacement of 1,158cc or more with 4 valves per cylinder.

No more L-Twins?

It seems that with the ever-tightening emissions regulations around the world, motorcycle manufacturers are becoming more and more creative in finding ways to squeeze out more power while complying with emissions standards.

According to one of Ducati’s executives who requested to remain anonymous, the switch to V4 is “inevitable”. “With the way things are going, Euro 5 etc., the compact and lightweight V4 is the future. It is inevitable that most if not all of Ducati’s future bikes will be V4.”

With regards to the 2021 Multistrada, they are hoping that they could bring them here as early as January next year. The price has yet to be determined.