Upcoming Triumph Trident model undergoing testing

We can finally get a better look at the upcoming Triumph Trident not that it’s no longer a pointless all-white mock up. Triumph showed off photos of the future model being tested around its global headquarters and design facility at Hinckley in the UK.

Intended as a middleweight roadster, the Trident is powered by an inline-three cylinder and is named after a historic Triumph model of the same name first launched in 1968.

Triumph shows off Trident with more detail image

Besides being a new model, the Trident will also debut the new styling of Triumph bikes in the years to come. Triumph says it will be a pure, minimalistic form, with clean lines and uncluttered features that incorporates Triumph’s design DNA. It’s composed of signature tank knee indents and key cues from the iconic Speed Triple’s muscular poise.

The Trident is intended to be an accessible model whether ridden by long-time Triumph fans or those new to the brand. It was designed with rider ergonomics in mind, providing a natural upright riding position that is comfortable and confidence-inspiring. An all-new chassis will return an engaged and dynamic ride that is accessible to riders of all levels. The design prototype also integrates digital technology in an elegant and easy to use way.

The Trident will be available in Spring 2021, and will be competitively priced to deliver great value to both expert and new riders.