Tom Cruise practices wheelies on BMW G 310 GS

Hollywood action star, Tom Cruise, was recently spotted riding a BMW G 310 GS in Dunsfold Aerodrome, in UK. The actor was in the UK airstrip (a favorite venue of the Top Gear television series) practicing stunts for his upcoming movie, Mission: Impossible 7.

Mission: Impossible 7 (MI7) was scheduled to hit the theaters in July 2021, but travel and working restrictions in the countries the film was supposed to shoot due to the coronavirus have put production of the film on pause.

Other than the fact that Cruise is using a surprisingly small bike despite his experience, there's also a funny-looking apparatus connected at the swing arm of the G 310 GS. 

Actually, that funny-looking apparatus is a wheelie machine, similar to the device we used in our past story, Wheelie school: Pop it like a pro. It works by hinging on the rear wheels of the motorcycle, serving as a balancer and stopper. With this device connected, students can focus more on playing with the front suspension (rebound), throttle control and the rear brake until they find the ideal balancing point and the confidence to pop wheelies. This device also prevents the bike from flipping over.

Reports have also indicated that since film production has been suspended, “Ethan Hunt” (Cruise's character in the Mission: Impossible franchise) has been putting the free time to good use by practicing and trying to learn wheelies from a yet unknown trainer. Perhaps we're going to see Tom Cruise doing wheelie stunts in the next Mission: Impossible movie installment.

Will we see the G 310 GS in a Mission: Impossible movie?

For now, it's all speculation. Though it would be wonderful to see an entry-level BMW Motorrad bike in a multi-million dollar Hollywood movie.

For starters, if a BMW G 310 GS will, in fact, be used in the movie, it will be much easier for the stunt team to coordinate the action sequences involving motorcycles. Due to the G 310 GS's light weight of only 169.5 kilograms, it will be a walk in the park for stunt actors to ride this motorcycle up and down staircases, over cars, and even inside houses or buildings. Since the G 310 GS is a dual-sport motorcycle, scenes involving jumping over obstacles or cars and even a little off-road would also be easier. For comparison, the production crew used the heavier S 1000 RR in the previous MI installment, Rogue Nation. In the movie after that, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Cruise was onboard an R NineT Scrambler. BMW has been heavily involved in past productions of the Mission: Impossible franchise, supplying cars and motorcycles for the movie, many of which were newly launched models.

To read more about our G 310 GS features, see our review and ride stories. Though neither of these involve jumping over cars, we can safely say that this “baby GS” can get the job done.