Ducati boss says no plans for electrification yet

With many automotive and motorcycle brands beginning to make the move to electric power, some hard-core petrolheads are already dreading that day.

To put an end to all speculations, a senior Ducati official has revealed that for the forseeable future at least, Ducati will continue to develop high-performance machines worthy of the Ducatisti.

Ducati’s vice president for sales, Francesco Milicia, has recently told reporters that while the market for electric vehicles is growing, especially with the younger generation, it might not be so attractive for the company, at least if we factor the price of a Ducati motorcycle.

“Will we produce an electric Ducati soon? No,” said Milicia. He added that, given the current technology, electric motorcycles are still far from giving the pleasure Ducati riders expect. “We think that for the kind of machine we produce now, an electric motorcycle cannot guarantee the pleasure, the range, the weight, etc. that Ducati riders expect.”

While electric avenue is not yet the street for Ducati, they are looking for other “cleaner” alternatives such as synthetic fuels that may provide minimal to zero emissions, just like their counterparts at their mother company, Volkswagen.

For now, the closest EV Ducati has is a rebadged Chinese-made folding electric scooter they launched in May of last year. Also, considering Harley-Davidson’s Livewire electric motorcycles, which up to now, are still struggling to find an audience with its for-Millenials design but a price tag only people in their 40s or 50s could afford, Ducati may be right in choosing NOT to join the electric bandwagon yet.