Royal Enfield unveils Classic Stealth Black, Bullet Trials in Thailand

We’ve talked a lot about Royal Enfield’s parallel twins, the Interceptor and Continental GT. As such many might have forgotten they still offer the original models like the Classic and Bullet.

Thankfully, RE Thailand believes there’s still a lot to love about these thumpers by giving them a new lease on life with more modern liveries.

Unveiled at the 2020 Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS), RE Thailand now offers the Classic in a Stealth Black Limited Edition and the Bullet Trials.

Royal Enfield shows off Classic Stealth Black, new Bullet livery image

The beautiful Classic Stealth Black Limited Edition features matte black paintwork. It’s accented by red orange pinstripes on the wheels, along with matching red orange logos. Rather than the usual wire spoke wheels, it comes with alloys for a more appropriate street look.

Royal Enfield shows off Classic Stealth Black, new Bullet livery image

The Bullet Trials, on the other hand, is a scrambler conversion of the original Bullet. It comes in a cool new silver and red livery. Like the Stealth Black, the silver also has a matte effect. Contrasting color comes from the red frame underneath. It actually works quite well with the chrome battery box, transmission case and shocks. In addition, it gets dual sport tires, a headlight brush guard, and a bash plate under the engine.

The Classic and Bullet are powered by a 500cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine paired with a 5-speed transmission.

The new liveries draws some much-needed attention to the lineup’s older models that may have been overshadowed by RE’s new twins.

For now, these two special liveries are only available in Thailand.