Honda young racer program cancelled in the name of safety

To ensure the safety and welfare of all the people involved, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), announces the cancellation of the 2020 Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup (HPDC).

The event has been cancelled due to the uncertainties brought by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“The health, safety, and well-being of all participants, their supporters, and sponsors is our priority. Amid these difficult times, we want them to focus more on keeping themselves and their loved ones safe and secure,” said Ryosuke Arai, Adviser for Motorsports.

Honda announces cancellation of 2020 Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup image

Despite the cancellation of this year’s tournament, Honda vows to return with the HPDC in 2021 with the same objective of helping to develop young riders’ skills and fulfill their dreams and aspirations as professional racers.

HPDC is also in line with HPI’s “One Dream” campaign, which envisions to fulfill people’s dreams while experiencing the joy of mobility. This campaign continues to fulfill its mission during these difficult times, as more and more people began using motorcycles to accommodate their daily needs.

“Even though the Dream Cup was canceled, our mission to help Filipinos fulfill their dreams using our wide array of cutting-edge motorcycles will continue. We see it as a responsibility that we must strongly uphold,” said Hervic Villa, MC Planning Department Manager.

The HPDC is a motorsports program of HPI which aims to develop young riders skills in motorcycle racing, using its one make race bike, the CBR150R. Besides local races, the HPDC also helps young riders to qualify for international race programs by immersing them in different environments to become better equipped for international competitions.

Riders aged twelve to seventeen undergo tryouts to participate in the program, which gives them the opportunity to improve their skills through the Honda Racing Clinic.