Honda CT125 Trail Cub accessories unveiled at Bangkok Motor Show

By now, many of you are already well aware of what Honda’s CT125 Hunter Cub can do. Chances are, some were left a little underwhelmed with the bike’s rather plain appearance. That can all be changed with an extensive line of accessories for the CT125.

Honda launches CT125 accessories line image

Unveiled at the 2020 Bangkok International Motor Show, the CT125 accessories line adds even more utility to the new dual-sport motorcycle. These new additions help it tackle even tougher trails or carry even more items than before.

On display at the motor show floor were two CT125 Hunter Cubs: one in red and another in brown. The two were kitted out according to farm (red) and military camp (brown) themes.

Honda launches CT125 accessories line image

The accessories fitted mainly add more utility and carrying capacity to the motorcycle. These are in the form of a new front rack, allowing you to place items just above the headlamp. Just behind the handlebars on the main frame is another rack to attach a bag. In the rear, new side panels allow the rider to attach saddlebags to fit right under the rear cargo tray. Honda has even thrown in an adorable wooden box onto the cargo tray for carrying produce.

Honda launches CT125 accessories line image

Besides added utility, there are also accessories for added protection. There’s a new front protection bar that juts out from under the headlight. There’s also a brush guard that can be attached to the headlight. Honda has also provided a provision to attach auxiliary lamps that sit just beside the headlamp. Barkbusters handlebar guards have also been attached. There are new bull bars that can be attached to the bash plate frame to protect the foot pegs and transmission case. There’s also a wider bash plate that can be attached under the engine to offer even more protection.

These accessories should address any concerns for buyers keen to take the CT125 to even tougher trails and carry more at the same time. It’s certainly a model we’d like to see in our market with lots of potential for daily and leisure riders.