QC is serious about their bike lanes

Since the onset of the pandemic, a lot of Filipino commuters have switched to active transportation. This means commuting to and from work onboard a bicycle, stand-up scooter, or any other of the new means of personal transport.

To support these commuters and provide them safe spaces on the road, the government has put up dedicated bicycle lanes across the metropolis. This network is still expanding into the inner roads, too.

Unfortunately, some motorcycle riders see these as a quick route out of the usual traffic jam. The temptation to use them is high, particularly at times when they're relatively empty, just like this guy who recorded his antics and uploaded it on the internet.

Occupied or not, bicycles lines are for bicycles. If you’re one of those motorcycle riders who have the same mindset, you could be in serious trouble when you use the bicycle lanes with your motorcycle in Quezon City.

Quezon City is serious about enforcement and is imposing a fine of up to PhP5,000. It is so far the only city (that we know of) in Metro Manila that has a dedicated law enforcement team to safeguard their bicycle lanes from erring motorists, including motorcycle riders and car drivers.

The Department of Public Order and Safety – Green Transport Office (DPOS-GTO), is specifically tasked to monitor and guard these bicycle lanes in accordance with the city’s Safe Cycling and Active Transport Ordinance.

According to a February 2021 report of DPOS-GTO, they have apprehended 616 motorists for violating the city’s bicycle lanes. That number has more than doubled as of last month.

If caught for the first time, a penalty of PhP1,000 will be imposed on the rider. A PhP5,000 fine is imposed for the third offense.

Gusto nating igiit sa publiko na ang bike lanes ay para sa mga bike lang. Kung kayo ay naka-motor o gumagamit ng sasakyan, hindi kayo pwede sa loob ng bike lane. (We want to remind the public that bicycle lanes are for bicycles only. If you are a motorcycle rider or a motorist, you should not be on a bicycle lane),” said QC mayor, Joy Belmonte.