Get a card with new application or renewal

The Department of Transportation (DOTr), together with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), has reported that the 3-million driver’s license (DL) backlog has finally been resolved and that all drivers who will apply or renew their DLs, will now be issued a driver’s license card.

“Yes. Wala na ‘yung 3 million na backlog sa driver’s licenses. Ngayon, if you apply for a license, card na ang makukuha mo. Hindi na papel lang (The 3-million license card backlog is over. Now you’ll get a card license and not just a paper receipt),” said DOTr assistant secretary, Goddes Hope Libiran.

2021: the year of the 10-year Driver’s License rollout

Staying true to the government’s promise of giving qualified drivers the privilege of having a 10-year valid license, the DOTr says that the LTO will be rolling them out this year, in October to be exact.

Ngayong taon, nakatakda na ring simulan ang pamamahagi ng driver’s licenses na mayroong 10-YEAR VALIDITY, sa ilalim ng isang enhanced demerit system ng LTO, kung saan mabibigyan ng oportunidad na magkaroon ng 10-year valid license ang mga motoristang may malinis na record. (This year, we will start rolling out driver’s licenses with 10-year validity, under the LTO’s enhanced demerit system where drivers with a clean record or zero traffic violations are rewarded with a 10-year valid driver’s license),” said DOTr through a statement.

LTO demerit system

Be reminded that the 10-year validity is not automatic to every driver. Rather, it will depend on your record. Basically, every time a driver commits a traffic violation, a corresponding point will be added to his ‘grade’. For example, if you were caught riding with a child onboard you motorcycle (violating RA 10666), that means 1 demerit point on your license.

If you were caught driving under the influence or DUI (violating RA 10586), that’s a whopping 5 demerit points against your driver’s license record. Depending on the severity of your traffic violation, the new demerit system could land a couple of hours seminar plus fine on your next renewal, or the complete revocation of your driver’s license, plus fine.

You can read more about the LTO’s demerit system in our story here

For those who were able to drive safely and as defensively as possible and did not incur any demerits, the LTO will reward them with a 10-year valid driver’s license.