Bicycle lanes are for bicycles

As with our previous stories which cover the daily kamote encounters of EDSA boss, Edison “Bong” Nebrija, they’re all about sharing information on what NOT to do. These aren't simply to avoid being caught and paying the penalty, but because these rules were created with everyone's safety in mind.

Despite these frequent warnings, there are still many motorcycle riders out there that think they can get away with breaking the rules of the road. Worse still, they think these rules were made to inconvenience them and not to make the road safer.

One such example is the rider in this video. Just this morning, the EDSA boss shared his frustration over this video that was sent to him. In the video, a motorcycle rider goes through the EDSA bicycle lane at relatively high speeds. This could be potentially life threatening to any cyclists using the lane at the time. Worse, he seems to be proud of what he’s doing, saying he passed there earlier in the day and was not caught.

The EDSA boss was angered by this rider's brazen disregard for the law. He even exclaimed that these unruly riders (kamote riders) have the same mentality when it comes to helmets: that wearing them is just for compliance, and not for their own safety.

"Imbes na isipin ang sariling kaligtasan, laging iniisip na pinahihirapan lang sila ng batas. (Instead of thinking of their own safety, they always think the law was made to give them a hard time)," he said.

The EDSA boss added that, had this rider collided with a cyclist, who knows if would be able to pay for the damages. It brings to mind this rider who was speeding and collided with a pickup in Marilaque. He ended up out of a motorcycle and unable to pay his monetary obligations to the victim.

“A traffic violation ticket can be paid. If you had an accident with a [cyclist] and it was fatal, I just don’t know [if you can shoulder the expenses],” Nebrija added in Filipino.

These rules of the road aren't made to inconvenience riders or cyclists, they're made and enforced to ensure that every commuter, whether on a motorcycle or bicycle, gets home alive and safe.