President seen sampling new motorcycles

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is excited to ride motorcycles again. In a post from Senator Bong Go, the President is shown browsing and sitting on a variety of motorcycles.

Gusto na talagang Mag Motor ni Tatay Digong! Sobrang nami-miss nya ang  pag sakay! Muntik ng di maawat ng PSG! (The President wants to ride! He missed riding a motorcycles. The PSG almost couldn’t stop him.)” the Senator said in his post.

The last time the President rode a motorcycle within Palace grounds, he had a little slip when coming to a stop and fell from the motorcycle. It was a minor injury he was quickly able to recover from.

However, since his accident, the President has been pondering safer kinds of motorcycles. In particular, he has been looking into three-wheeler models due to there better stability and lower likelihood or falling on their side.

It seems the President is now window shopping for a new ride as evidenced by the recent set of photos from Senator Go.

In the photo, there are an array of three-wheeler motorcycles. Among them is a Can-Am Ryker, Can-Am Spyder RT, Yamaha Niken, and Suzuki Burgman.

Of the four, the President is seen sitting on the Suzuki Burgman and tinkering with its onboard instrument panel functions.

President Duterte wants to ride again image

The Suzuki Burgman is a maxi scooter available in 200cc and 400cc displacements. This long distance scooter offers a more relaxed riding position with no need to shift gears as it’s fitted with an automatic transmission.

President Duterte wants to ride again image

The Can-Am Ryker is a sporty three-wheeled motorcycle. It’s powered by a motorcycle engine that drives the rear wheels. It’s also fitted with an automatic transmission. There’s no need to balance as the three-wheel configuration keeps it upright and stable. It’s paired with a Vehicle Stability System to ensure the rider always stays in control.

President Duterte wants to ride again image

The Can-Am Spyder RT is a more touring-oriented version of the Ryker. It adds power steering, speakers, a longer floorboard and storage compartments to make long rides more enjoyable.

President Duterte wants to ride again image

The Yamaha Niken is also a three-wheeled motorcycle that is designed to lean like a conventional two-wheeled motorcycle. It combines the thrill of ordinary motorcycles with the stability of a three-wheeled motorcycle. Twin shocks on each front wheel absorb the bumps and make it easy to lean. It’s three-channel ABS system also ensures the right braking force is sent to each tire without locking it up.

Which will the President choose? Senator Bong Go has yet to say. Though we’re definitely rooting for any one of the Can-Ams.