Marikina City blames DPWH contractor for causing cracks on busy bridge

The City of Marikina has recently called upon the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to rectify a structural integrity issue that is most likely caused by the ongoing flood mitigation project being carried out by one of its contractors.

P159M DPWH project jeopardizes Marikina Bridge image

“We are STRONGLY DEMANDING your office (DPWH) to conduct an URGENT REPAIR AND RECTIFICATION on the damage caused by the DPWH Contractor in the Marikina Bridge IN THE SOONEST POSSIBLE TIME,” says City Mayor, Marcy Teodoro.

According to city officials, the large cracks began to appear after the DPWH’s contractor started putting steel sheet piles at the Sto. Nino side of the bridge back on January 6, 2023, as part of the flood control project costing PHP 159,218,943.83 of taxpayer’s money.

P159M DPWH project jeopardizes Marikina Bridge image

“Considering that we are duty bound to act on the welfare of the inhabitants of the City of Marikina, we are expecting the IMMEDIATE ACTION OF THE DPWH, otherwise we will be constrained to file necessary legal actions- CIVIL, CRIMINAL, and/or ADMINISTRATIVE if this matter will not be addressed promptly and accordingly,” added Mayor Teodoro.

The city further added that they were not notified by the contractor or the DPWH about the issue and only learned about the large cracks when a concerned citizen reported it to city officials just a few days ago.

P159M DPWH project jeopardizes Marikina Bridge image

As of this writing, the portion of the Quezon City-bound bridge is still open to motorists, and the portion where the large cracks are present were cordoned off.