Pierer Mobility reports record-breaking sales for 2022

Pierer Mobility – the parent company of motorcycle brands KTM, GASGAS, and Husqvarna, has reported another record-setting sales figure for 2022, surpassing their 2021 sales record despite the global pandemic.

KTM, GASGAS and Husqvarna sold 375K+ motorcycles in 2022 image

According to Pierer Mobility, which is headed by its CEO Stefan Pierer, the company has sold a total of 375,612 motorcycles last year. This is a combined figure for all the brands they own: KTM, GASGAS, and Husqvarna, across a diversified range of motorcycle models.

“Pierer Mobility achieved its 12th record year in a row with a sales increase of around 13%. In Europe, the sales volume was around 130,000 motorcycles and around two-thirds of the motorcycles (approx. 245,000) were sold in the markets outside Europe, and here in particular in North America, India, and Australia,” said the company in a statement.

KTM, GASGAS and Husqvarna sold 375K+ motorcycles in 2022 image

Additionally, since the company also owns brands in the electric bicycle and bicycle business, an additional 118,427 units were sold last year and reports an additional 15% growth vs 2021.

All in all, Pierer Mobility has reported a revenue of EUR 2.435-billion for 2022 – about a 19% increase over 2021.