Michelin reverse device fits on most motorcycles

For a lot of motorcycle riders, especially those with big, heavy bikes, backing up from a tight parking spot can be quite challenging. It's particularly harder for those who are vertically challenged, needing to push the bike backwards with just one leg. Imagine doing that on an incline and the difficulty is practically multiplied.

Soon, backing up might not be a problem. In fact, you might be able to do it with just the push of a button. This is all thanks to an auxiliary device being patented by French tire maker, Michelin.

Michelin files patent for a motorcycle reversing device image

The device is designed to be easily attached to a motorcycle’s rear swing arm much like a mudguard. Rather than a mudguard, the end features little wheels that rest on the motorcycle's rear tire. These rollers drive the tire in reverse, making it easier for riders to back up their bike.

It’ll have its own lithium-ion battery, negating the need to connect to any power or secure any wiring harness. That means no complicated electrical wiring work required. There's also no need to connect it to the existing gearbox. Put simply, the system is completely independent and won't require power from the motorcycle, according to the patent being filed by Michelin.

Michelin files patent for a motorcycle reversing device image

Power-wise, the device is claimed to be able to reverse a motorcycle at 1 kilometer per hour, and up to an almost 6-degrees slope.

For now, there's still no price, nor any indication how the reverse button will connect to the extension. Still, it's surprising how this simple feature hasn't been fitted into more motorcycles yet.

Would you buy this device if it's greenlit for production?