Rider caught for riding on sidewalk, no license

Many motorcycles riders still believe that if they’re only running errands, like a quick ride to a store, there’s no need to follow the law. Sometimes it's wearing a helmet, other times, it's forgeting important documents like registration or a driver’s license. 

This rider had to learn the hard way that the ALL the laws apply to ALL riders, all the time.

EDSA boss, Edison “Bong” Nebrija, shared on his official social media page what NOT to do if you’re riding your motorcycle for an errand. This rider was apprehended for a long list of violations.

His traffic violations were: driving/ riding on the sidewalk, no helmet, improper attire (slippers), and he did not bring his license or motorcycle’s registration papers.

When apprehending him, the EDSA boss and his team asked the rider why he commited all these offenses. Unfortunately, the rider did not possess a valid driver’s license, which meant that he did not undergo the necessary driving seminar/ or training, which is now required by the LTO. The seminars would have informed him that it is illegal to operate a motorcycle on the sidewalk, without a helmet, while wearing slippers, without registration or a license.

How much will it cost this motorcycle rider?

While we’re not the MMDA, we might be able to estimate how much this simple yet costly mistake will total up to in fines.

The no helmet violation will cost him at least PhP1,500. For the improper attire, that will be PhP500. Failure to carry registration documents such as the motorcycle’s OR/ CR will cost an additional PhP1,000. Now, since he did not possess, or has not applied for a valid driver’s license, he will be charged with a Driving without a License violation, which will cost him PhP3,000. In addition, he will be disqualified from being granted a driver’s license and driving any motor vehicle for a period of one (1) year from the date of settling his fines.

His motorcycle was impounded by government authorities according to the post by the EDSA boss. He will need to settle an additional PhP1,000 to PhP2,000 impounding fee for that. To get his motorcycle back, he will need to show his motorcycle’s documents. If its registration is expired, there will be an additional PhP10,000 fine for driving/ riding an unregistered vehicle.

All in all, his fines / penalties will amount to a whopping PhP18,000.

Do not be like this motorcycle rider. Wear a helmet. Don't ride on the sidewalk. Don't wear slippers while on a motorcycle. Always bring your license and copy of OR / CR.