Metro Manila visitors still need to secure travel pass from PNP

It seems that there are two conflicting policies over the issue of tourism in Tagaytay City. On one hand, the City of Tagaytay as well as the Cavite governor himself are allowing all tourists to enjoy its beautiful climate and hospitality without hassle to help businesses and restart the local economy.

On the other hand, the JTF-COVID Shield, through its commander, Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, stood firm that tourists cannot simply go to Tagaytay City without first securing a valid Travel Authority from their local PNP.

“We have not received any new directive from both the NTF and IATF that travel restrictions to Tagaytay City are already lifted. So we are sticking to the existing policy that a Travel Authority is still needed if the travel requires crossing the border of Metro Manila, a province and a Highly-Urbanized City,” said Eleazar.

Yesterday, the Malacañang Palace affirmed that the JTF is right. One cannot just travel to this city without a valid Travel Authority.

“To summarize, travel from MGCQ to MGCQ areas doesn’t need any travel pass but the LGU may still impose it. Travel from GCQ to MGCQ areas still require a valid travel pass,” said Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque in Filipino during a virtual press briefing yesterday.

A Travel Authority, commonly called a “travel pass,” is issued by the Local Government Unit’s (LGU) police department. This authorizes a person to travel outside his or her province. Prior to getting this, a person must first secure a Medical Clearance certificate from his or her LGU’s health office. From there, his or her LGU will coordinate with the destination LGU to see if they will accept the traveler prior to issuing the Travel Authority.

Since Metro Manila is currently under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) until the end of September while the Province of Cavite is under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), current guidelines indeed require a valid travel pass when going to and from these areas.

“Those who live in Metro Manila who plan on going to Tagaytay, must first secure a travel pass, and before you are issued a travel pass by the PNP, you need to present a medical certificate,” Roque added.