Lalamove rider face 90-day suspension, possible revocation of DL

A few weeks ago, a motorcycle rider was caught on video with a child inside his delivery bag. The video immediately went viral on social media and reached the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

According to LTO, they have immediately suspended the driver’s license (DL) of the subject motorcycle rider for 90 days and have summoned him to appear before the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) to explain his side.

Renan Melitante, LTO-IID officer-in-charge said that the delivery rider may face possible sanctions in violation of RA 10666 or the Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015. Additionally, according to LTO, the rider may also face sanctions for violating Section A, Title I of Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 or Driving with an Inappropriate Driver’s License Classification since the rider was found to be possessing a Non-Professional DL instead of a Professional DL. A professional DL is required when working as a motorcycle courier.

The LTO-IID also says the rider needs to explain himself as to why he shouldn't be considered an Improper Person to Operate a Motor Vehicle as per Section 27(a) of RA 4136.

“The child was sleepy”

During an interview with One Balita Pilipinas, the motorcycle rider, who was also the father of the child, owned up to his actions but defended that he did what he did because he thought that it was safer for his son to ride inside the Lalamove box since the child was getting sleepy during their trip in Binan, Laguna.

Had he continued to let the child ride as a pillion, he would’ve fallen off, said the rider.

Unfortunately for the rider, he was also suspended from Lalamove and may lose his DL due to the incident.