MMDA to test implement MC Lane along Commonwealth Avenue

Starting tomorrow, March 9, 2023, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will be doing a dry run implementation of the Exclusive Motorcycle (MC) Lane along the stretch to Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

MC Lane dry run starts tomorrow, March 9, full implementation March 20 image

“The dry run is meant to familiarize motorcycle riders traversing Commonwealth Avenue on the said policy. We will have a full deployment of MMDA traffic enforcers and we will be assisted by the local government of Quezon City,” said MMDA acting chairman, Romando Artes.

Artes also assured that the MMDA will not apprehend any motorist during the dry run. “No motorists will be apprehended during the duration of the dry run which will start tomorrow until next Sunday, March 19.”

According to the MMDA, the implementation of an exclusive motorcycle lane was needed to reduce road crashes that involve motorcycles and to improve traffic flow on Commonwealth Avenue.

1-Rider Partyist supports the MC Lane

Also present during the MC Lane kick-off ceremony earlier are 1-Rider Partylist representatives Bonifacio Bosita and Rodge Gutierrez, who said that they support the MMDA’s “rider-friendly initiatives” which include the MC Lane.

MC Lane dry run starts tomorrow, March 9, full implementation March 20 image

“I am thankful to the leadership of Chairman Artes as he prioritized the safety of motorcycle riders. As an advocate and representative of 1-Rider Partylist, I am appealing to all motorcycle riders to maintain order and discipline on the roads,” said Rep. Bosita.

“We have high hopes for the success of the implementation of exclusive motorcycle lanes,” said Rep. Gutierrez.

Under MMDA Resolution No. 22-15, the right outermost lane of Commonwealth Avenue shall be designated as an exclusive bicycle lane. The second lane and third lane of the same avenue will be designated as exclusive Public Utility Vehicles (for jeeps, UV Express, buses) and motorcycle lanes, respectively.

The remaining lanes of Commonwealth Avenue shall be utilized by all other motor vehicles.

According to Artes, the MMDA will fully enforce the MC Lane on March 20, 2023, and violators will be fined PHP 500. The MMDA chairman did not specify if it’s only motorcycle riders who veer off from the MC Lane who will be penalized or if it includes drivers of other vehicles who will drive through the exclusive MC Lane.