You have until August and September

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has again declared an extension to the validity of vehicle registrations, this time, for vehicles whose registration expires on the month of June and July.

“We are glad to announce the country-wide extension of vehicle registrations that have a plate [or MV File] number that ends in 6 and 7, and that no surcharge and penalties should be collected,” said the LTO through their official social media page.’

If your motorcycle has an MV File or number plate that ends in 6, it means that its registration should be renewed every month of June, whereas if it has an MV File or number plate that ends in 7, its registration should be renewed every July.

Since there’s an extension, those ending in 6 will have until August 31, while those ending in 7 will have until September 30, 2021, to renew the registration of their motorcycles.

LTO gives 2-months extension for ‘6’ and ‘7’ registrations image

Please note, however, that the exact week for renewing your registration is based on the second-to-the-last digit on your number plate or MV File number (refer to the above photo from the LTO). As such, if your plate, for example, is AB 12345, the second digit (4) means you renew on the second week of the month. Refer to the table above or click here for more information.

LTO says that the recent extension is in consideration of the ongoing pandemic and to allow the motoring public to have ample time to process their vehicle’s registration with the agency.