TRB approves Skyway Stage 3 toll collection

After more than half a year of free use, San Miguel Corporation Tollways (SMC Tollways) will begin collecting toll fees for the use of Skyway Stage 3 starting July 12, 2021. The TRB-approved toll from Buendia to NLEX: PHP 264.00 end to end. Exiting in between Buendia to NLEX will have lesser toll fees.

P264 is the Skyway Stage 3 toll, starts July 12 image

“After providing the public free use of its 18-km Skyway Stage 3 project for nearly seven months, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) will start collecting toll on the new elevated expressway starting July 12 using a revised toll fee matrix that is lower than the originally proposed toll fees, particularly for motorists traveling shorter distances,” says SMC Tollways in a statement.

The TRB-approved toll matrix to be implemented is lower than the earlier SMC Tollways proposed toll fees from Q1 of this year.

For Class 1 vehicles taking Skyway 3 from Buendia to Sta. Mesa, the approved toll fee is PHP 105, PHP 5 lower than the PHP 110 SMC petitioned. Class 1 vehicles traveling from Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard to NLEX Balintawak, the toll fee at PHP 129, PHP 4 less than the petitioned PHP 133.

As for Class 1 vehicles traveling the full alignment of Skyway 3 (Buendia to NLEX Balintawak), the last approved toll fee that was supposedly approved is at PHP 264 – PHP 10 less than what SMC originally petitioned. For Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles, you need only to multiply the toll rates by 2 and by 3, respectively.

SMC president and chief operating officer, Ramon S. Ang, said that the revised toll matrix, as approved by the TRB, takes into consideration the pandemic, its impact on the economy, and on Filipinos.

“We thank the TRB for helping us determine the most equitable toll rates for our motorists. We know from experience that times are hard for many, and even a little relief for motorists can go a long way. These toll rates reflect our deferral of the collection of a substantial amount of the cost to build Skyway 3. We also further lowered the rates for those traveling shorter distances,” said Ang.

SMC Tollways is just awaiting the final Toll Operating Permit and a Notice to Start Collecting Toll by the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to be able to collect toll from motorists on July 12.

Ang added that the tolls Skyway Stage 3 will collect will provide the company revenues to ensure continued efficient operations, maintenance, and safe driving conditions on the elevated expressway, particularly as daily traffic puts a heavy strain on the road infrastructure, necessitating significant maintenance costs.

The toll would also allow the government to generate significant income from the expressway, as it imposes a 12% VAT on all toll fees.

According to SMC, the company fully funded the construction of the project with no government funds or guarantees and spent over PHP 80-billion for the elevated megastructure – more than double its original cost – to complete the project over a period that spans two administrations.

Will you still be riding on Skyway Stage 3 at 60km/h max speed with the toll fees in place starting July 12?