LTO: OR should still be printed on security paper

Last week, one of’s readers sent us a picture of a legitimate registration Official Receipt (OR) that was issued by one of the branches of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It was immediately apparent that the OR was printed on a regular piece of paper, instead of the usual special blue-colored receipt with its security features.

Earlier today, LTO’s executive director, Romeo Vera Cruz, told that the OR should be printed on the special security paper and that the agency is working to correct the issue.

“We are correcting this. It should be on security paper,” said Vera Cruz.

As was mentioned by the LTO last week, the printing of the OR on regular, A4-sized paper was part of the LTO’s computerization program, LTMS System. With the LTMS, law enforcers can simply input the information into the online portal to check the legitimacy of the vehicle’s registration, as well as driver’s license info.

These might just be some of the usual “birth pains” experienced by government agencies every time they roll out a new system. Rest assured that the LTO is working towards a new system that would not only ease doing business with them but also rid the agency of the age-old red tape problem.