Registration Official Receipt now just a printout

If you are a vehicle or a motorcycle owner, you should be familiar with the paperwork that comes along with them. These are the Certificate of Registration (CR) and the Official Receipt (OR).

The CR contains information about the vehicle make and model, engine and body number, under whose name it is registered to, and so on. The OR, on the other hand, is proof that you paid the government the necessary fees required in relation to the vehicle’s registration for the year.

The OR uses a special paper that bears LTO seal. It also comes with a couple of security features so that it can’t be tampered with. It used to. That might no longer be the case.

The above photo was sent to by one of our reader who recently renewed his vehicle's registration.

From now onward, the LTO will no longer issue your OR in the traditional blue paper we're  familiar with. Rather, it's printed on regular, A4-sized paper. It will still have all the payment details on it.

Another curious new detail is a line at the bottom. It reads, “This is a system-generated Official Receipt. No signatures needed” at the bottom end of the paper. The OR was from an LTO branch in Paranaque. LTO says that this rather new OR is part of their LTMS system.

What that means is that the security paper is no longer required. The validity of the receipt can be checked by entering the receipt number or the registered vehicle's details into the LTMS system. The system itself will determine if the receipt number or vehicle details match its records of registered vehicles.

We just hope that this move by LTO to a more high-tech system (and some cost savings) will not be taken advantage of by corrupt individuals who want to make a few extra bucks  from government transactions.