KTM updates the 390 Adventure with more off-road features but still with cast wheels

It was only last year that KTM introduced the 390 Adventure to Pinoy motorcycle riders. This pocket-sized adventure bike became an instant hit, largely because of its rider-friendly ergonomics and potent 373cc engine – all without breaking a hole in your pocket.

For 2022, KTM has updated the 390 Adventure to be more rugged and has put some features to “bring it closer than ever before to the full range of larger-displacement KTM adventure machines.”

Off-road traction control (TC)

Further enhancing its potential to take riders to places far beyond the ordinary paths, the 2022 model’s extensive list of electronic features has been amplified with the addition of Stree and Off-road modes for Traction Control (TC). Selecting Off-road from Street will give the KTM a degree of rear-wheel slip to enable easier use of the bike in loose (gravel, sand, mud, etc) or wet terrain.

More ‘rugged’ 2022 KTM 390 Adventure, still magwheels image

According to KTM, the Off-road TC will remain active even after the bike stalls or when the rider drops the bike.

Still cast wheels

The 2022-onwards 390 Adventure will now ride on a set of brand-new, 5-spoke cast wheels, KTM claims that the new cast wheels are more robust vs the outgoing 6-spokes, and permit increased stiffness and resistance for the rims.

Unfortunately, for more serious adventure riders, riding on cast wheels on an adventure ride puts some serious stress on the alloy and there is always a chance of damaging the rims. It is also the reason most adventure bikes sport a pair of wire wheels for durability.

Nonetheless, the KTM 390 Adventure is a great starter bike for those who want to venture into the off-beaten paths, while experienced riders will definitely appreciate the bike’s nimbleness and power.