The Land Transportation Office is serious about ridding corruption within its ranks

It’s no secret that corruption exists within the Land Transportation Office (LTO). This was brought about by years of unchecked and often unclear processes that are open for loopholes, which are then exploited by fixers and their accomplices inside the LTO.

Under the leadership of Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, the LTO has put up measures to slowly but surely rid the agency of these unscrupulous practices with the help of new technology and by introducing policies that make it harder to cheat the system.

And the LTO will not stop there.

Yesterday, the agency launched its own Anti-Corruption Committee. The new committee will pilot in four LTO regions: NCR West, NCR East, Region I, and Region II. This means that these four LTO regional districts are now mandated to root out corruption, especially those who are engaging in such practices (with the help of the PNP) within their ranks.

“We welcome this effort introduced by the PACC because it is our effort to raise the status of the LTO,” said LTO chief Edgar Galvante.

Like the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) that was established by President Rodrigo Duterte, the ultimate goal of the LTO’s Anti-Corruption Committee is to proactively fight graft and corruption that thrives in some of its offices, therefore allowing the agency to provide its best service to the public. 

Imagine, an LTO office that has absolutely “no fixers” inside and out. While some will argue and go so much to justify the illegality of it ("kasi mas mabilis"), any and all measures to weed out such practices will always be a good start to respect the law, and what is plainly and simply right. Don't cheat the system, ladies and gentlemen.