Two new long-overdue models

KTM is working on two new models that may be launched in 2020, both of which are models that haven't seen significant updates in a while.

KTM developing 2020 1290 Super Adventure, 890 SMT image

2017 1290 Super Adventure

1290 Super Adventure

First up, KTM is preparing a 1290 Super Adventure S. With the last all-new model having debuted in 2017, the 2020 Super Adventure will feature a new headlight configuration. The new headlight is flush with the windscreen, featuring a hexagonal cut to accommodate KTM's now trademark fork-shaped daytime running lights.

The bodywork will be significantly changed as well with new side panels and more fairing around the engine with large cutouts in each side.

Naturally, there will also be a new muffler shape, perhaps to adhere to tightening emissions standards. It will ride on semi-active WP suspension like its predecessor, but connected to a new subframe and swingarm.

While the name says 1290, it will be powered by a 1,301cc engine and be compliant with EURO-5 emissions standards.

Finally, the Super Adventure will also have new tech in the form of adaptive cruise control and possible blind spot detection. KTM has been developing adaptive cruise control from some time, with a system that can detect vehicles in front and modulate throttle input and possible brake for the rider to maintain a two-second gap from the car ahead while maintaining a set speed.

The blind spot detection system will likely work similar to that equipped on cars, with sensors facing behind warning the rider through lights on the mirror if it is safe to change lanes.

Expect these tech toys to be accessible through a revised and more innovative color LCD instrument panel.

KTM developing 2020 1290 Super Adventure, 890 SMT image

2015 990 SMT

890 SMT

KTM's next new model will be based on a new 890 parallel twin platform, the 890 SMT. The last SMT was a 990 and the last all-new model was in 2011.

Currently, the 1290 Super Duke GT is the only sport-touring machine KTM offers, so a more accessible middleweight model would be a wise decision on KTM's part.

The SMT will be a sport touring model, though it's possible that KTM will also utilize this platform to create a supermoto-style model to compete against Ducati's Hypermotard, a naked 890 Duke, and likely an 890 Super Duke GT sibling as well.

The bike will have an adjustable windscreen, a relaxed upright riding position, angular yet ergonomically shaped tank, nearly vertical instrument panel, and possible provisions for panniers.

Whatever the case, it seems there are big plans ahead for this new 890 parallel twin platform.