First the Philippines, then the regional finals

BMW Motorrad Philippines is well on its way to forming the first Philippine Team for the International GS Trophy. Finalists from Visayas and Mindanao (Vis-Min) have already been selected. Just this week, BMW Motorrad Philippines announced the details of the upcoming Luzon GS Trophy Qualifiers to be held at Rodriguez, Rizal this coming September 6 and 7. The national qualifiers, wherein the top three to represent the Philippines will be found, will commence the following day on September 8.

Road to GS Trophy: locals ready themselves for the national qualifiers imageFrom left: 2018 GS Trophy Philippine finalists, Derrick Itchon and Leo Valderama; BMW Motorrad Director, Gil Balderas; and 2018 GS Trophy Philippine contender, Aris Cuevas.

Six adventure riders from Luzon will be selected to go head to head with the Vis-Min finalists and it will be a battle royale from there. The final three, who will be selected on September 8, will then face the best of Southeast Asia in the regional qualifiers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between September 21 and 22. If the Philippines beats out all the other Southeast Asian countries inthe regional qualifier, it is only then that our riders can go to "Middle Earth" to face the best of the world at the 2020 International GS Trophy in New Zealand.

The GS Trophy is NOT A RACE, but rather a test of skill for your command with the BMW adventure bike,” said Toto Villanueva, one of the few BMW Motorrad Certified Instructors in the country and who has trained our past GS Trophy bet, Aris Cuevas.

Road to GS Trophy: locals ready themselves for the national qualifiers image

Qualifier Challenges

As the national qualifiers draw near, our Luzon hopefuls are already busy mastering their riding skills, rain or shine, to overcome the drills that will be placed before them during the eliminations.

One particular drill, for example, is the Garage, named after the boxes of varying sizes hopefuls must ride inside. This test has GS hopefuls doing 360-degree turns within boxes of varying sizes from the largest, 4 meters wide, to the narrowest, just 2.3 meters wide, in order to finish. Contestants must accomplish this without putting a foot down, and most especially without dropping their GS. Penalty points will be imposed if they put a foot down on the ground (1), or step or ride outside the boundary (1); and if the rider falls or has exited prematurely (5). 

Some have admitted doing "secret practice" sessions in the Vermosa Off-road Track near Alabang. Others have tried at their respective village's parks or parking lots, while the others have the luxury of doing it at their own backyards. If you want to do some practicing yourself, just type in "GS Trophy Training" on Youtube and there are tons of instructional videos to help you on your GS Trophy aspirations.

Road to GS Trophy: locals ready themselves for the national qualifiers image

Want to join?

Joining the GS Trophy Qualifiers is FREE. You simply must be a bonafide BMW motorcycle owner. If you are already a NAMSSA or FIM license holder, you are considered as a professional rider and therefore cannot compete at the GS Trophy Qualifiers. Riders must also use their own BMW motorcycle during the qualifiers, preferably a GS or GSA, F700, F750, F800, and F850; or the G310 GS. Full riding gear is also required. For those concerned with the heat, off-road riding gear with chest and back protectors are also allowed. As for helmets, no modular or half face helmets are allowed.

Road to GS Trophy: locals ready themselves for the national qualifiers image

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the BMW Motorrad's Team Pilipinas, register here at