Displacement increase to meet tighter emissions

This year, we’ve seen the top two adventure bike choices start a displacement war. The Ducati Multistrada 1200 has bumped up its engine size by 60cc. BMW has quickly followed suit with the R1250 GS. Now, it appears the next manufacturer to join the contest is Honda.

Several Japanese motorcycle sites have suggested Honda is planning to relaunch the Africa Twin as an  1100. The new model with a bigger engine is expected to launch in 2020.

From 998 cc, the new “CRF 1100L” will receive an extra 82 cc to become 1080cc and produce an additional 5 hp.

The increase is seen as an effort to maintain the Africa Twin’s current power output while meeting increasingly tightening European emissions standards. Euro4 emissions standards are already in place for Europe with even tighter Euro5 standards on the horizon. Besides the power bump, the Africa Twin could conceivably receive variable valve timing as well, to go against Ducati’s Testastretta II and BMW’s ShiftCam technology.

More power is certainly welcome, but until then, we’ll have to await further announcements from Honda.